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Yusuf Aygeç (1989, Istanbul), who uses an expression that considers the consciousness of collective memory in his recent paintings, questions pure human nature and elemental counterparts with the emotion underlying his works, even though he has removed the figure from the center of fiction. It bases this questioning on the technical and conceptual structure of the painting, and examines it under two main headings as seen and felt. While the penture technique and color palette he used in his previous series vary with the topics he handles, more combative brushstrokes and layers go beyond the relief effect and open the doors of pictorial sculpture to the audience. While Aygeç's search for colors continues her adventure in pastel integrity, the flash tones she uses show her questioning of pigments that are invisible to the eye and hidden in nature and the universe.



2007  Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Undergraduate

2015  Yeditepe University Faculty of Arts, Department of Plastic Arts, M.Sc.

Solo Exhibitions

2022  “Places are the Shadow of Preferences”, Mercury Gallery, Istanbul

2020  "The Spirit of Space", CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2013  “BC Pop Art”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2014  ''I Am Smelling'' (Furkan Nuka Birgün Dup Show), CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2016  ''I Am One, All of You!'', CAM Gallery, Istanbul


Group Exhibitions

2022  "Breath IV", Mercury Gallery, Istanbul

2020  “The Spirit of Space”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2018  “First Round Exhibition”, Galata Greek School, Istanbul

2017  “Tactical Stance”, Cer Modern Museum, Ankara

2017  “Oil on Canvas”, Lappart PR, Istanbul

2017  “Imago Mundi - Mediterranean Routes”, Palermo

2016  “Pastoral Dialogues”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2016   International Istanbul Triennial, Maksem Cumhuriyet Art Gallery, Istanbul

2015  “Words Barış Manço”, Galatasaray Museum, Istanbul

2015  “Start! 'Art Within Reach' Vol. III”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2014  “Singular Colors”, The Marmara Pera, Istanbul

2014  “Interrupted”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2014  “Start! 'Art Within Reach' Vol. II”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2013  “Start! 'Art Within Reach'”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2013  Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul

2013  Christie's Dubai, Emirates Towers, Dubai

2012  “Body Language”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2011  “RE-DE Generation”, Sanatorium Gallery, Istanbul

2011  “Imagine”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

2010  “Reminder”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul

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