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MERKUR Gallery was founded in 2010 by Sabiha Kurtulmuş. Her 24 years of experience in the art world has given her the opportunity to shape the perception of art and create a new discourse by making it official in the art world. Working with Turkey's most important artists, Sabiha Kurtulmuş's priority has been to bring young artists together with art lovers by creating a new and fresh atmosphere in art environments in Turkey. MERKUR is an art organization that creates new spaces within the gallery for young artists. In the process of incorporating Young Artists into our organization, as a gallery, the concepts, concepts, use of different media and aesthetic perception in the portfolios of the artists are taken into consideration. While the works of young artists coexist with originality and reliability, their works produced by experimental techniques in different media are impressively exhibited. The main goal of MERKUR, together with its young artists, is to bring together the innovations of today's technology and industry with the audience through artistic language. MERKUR resides in Beyoğlu, Piyalepaşa Boulevard No 32/D with its 250 square meter dynamic and central space.

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