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Double Heads // Big Cats

March 30 - April 30, 2024

Evren Sungur's personal exhibition titled "Double Heads // Big Cats" can be viewed at MERKUR between 30 March and 30 April. "Double Heads // Big Cats" brings together a cheerful look about a subject we encounter frequently in daily life. Evren Sungur's solo exhibition, opened after four years, consists of two separate series; The series “Nobody” and “Influencer” deal with the same subject: Belonging. In the “Nobody” series, figures that look like another person has fallen into a place where they do not belong are seen without bodies, only with their portraits. Unlike all animals, being suitable for living in the pursuit of people who create their own habitat is associated with being a human being who does not feel like he belongs anywhere, even in the habitat he has created. In the “Influencer” series, the act of proving with great enthusiasm is seen in the struggle of man with the problem of aid. This brings with it a demonstrative effort and exaggeration. "Influencer’’, who reflects his character with his remarkable costume and studied poses, uses the mediator and turns every place into a backdrop that will serve his own existence; It builds solidarity not into a physical place, home or city, but into a time/period. Belonging to an abstract family may indicate the secret of an eternal life. His huge and strong giant hands that do not fit on the canvas; It shows its high efficiency, which supports its exaggerated stance. The name "Double Heads // Big Cats" comes from a note taken in Sungur's sketchbook while he was preparing the "Influencer" series. Along with the name of the exhibition, details from the workshop such as the artist's giant palette, brushes and finished paint tubes in the gallery space are evidence of the artist's privacy that he shares with his audience. The exhibition, which will open on March 30, can be visited until April 30.


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