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Mikadoİstanbul, Tuval Üzerine Akrilik, 155 x 387 cm, 2015 .jpeg

Şevket Sönmez (1978, Bulgaria) deals with various subjects in his adventure spanning the years . The intersection and conflict points of personal histories with the perception of collective history in different countries and political regimes can be considered as the main issue affecting Şevket Sönmez's work. The artist's working style can be defined by an interaction in the form of the issues brought up by his series of works and the new series emerging from them. Şevket Sönmez does not hesitate to get out of a period that he entered by adopting a semi-documentary attitude  by taking sharp turns towards an understanding based on dreams, imagination and fiction, and getting lost in the forests by taking side roads on this journey. He handles different subjects using different painting techniques. He produces unusually large-sized watercolor works, materials such as pvc and epoxy, as well as classical oil paints and acrylic canvases, and works in which all these techniques are used together in recent years. 


2001 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
2004 Master of Fine Arts, Painting, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Fine Arts Institute

Solo Exhibitions

2015  Istanbul Grade, MERKUR, Istanbul
2013 La-vi-da Lavida Fake, MERKUR, Istanbul
2012 "Penso Ma Existo", Espaço Bento Martins, Institution Junta de Freguesia de Carnide, Lisbon, Portugal
2012 "Un Ornamento Mental", Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas y Diseno- Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
2011 Drink Van Houten Cacao, MERKUR, Istanbul Turkey
2011 Sharkan, Alan Istanbul - 1, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Pantograph, X-ist, Istanbul, Turkey
2008 Hot Injection, X-ist, Istanbul, Turkey
2005 Collusion, X-ist, Istanbul, Turkey
2004 Taiga, X-ist, Istanbul, Turkey
2003 A Culture and Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2002 Garanti Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey


Group Exhibitions

2016  Contemporary Istanbul, MERKUR, Istanbul

2016  Breath Vol. 3, MERKUR, Istanbul

2015  Contemporary Istanbul, MERKUR, Istanbul
2014  Contemporary Istanbul, MERKUR, Istanbul
2013  Contemporary Istanbul, MERKUR, Istanbul
2013 “Inside” Group Exhibition, MERKUR Istanbul, Turkey
2013 Merkur Group Exhibition, Palmarina, Bodrum, Turkey
2012 “Untitled” Group Exhibition, MERKUR, Istanbul
2012 Contemporary Istanbul, MERKUR
2012 Art Beat Fair, MERKUR
2012 Vienna Art Fair, MERKUR
2011 Contemporary Istanbul, MERKUR
2011 Where Fire Has Struck, Human Rights Foundation of Turkey Exhibition of the 20. Year, Tobacco Deposu, Istanbul, Turkey
2008 Association Saint Henri, Toulouse, France
2005 Young Expansions, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2003 Metiss'Art, University of Nanterre, Paris, France
2001 What Will Happen The State of This Country, Çekirdek Art, Istanbul, Turkey
2001 Taste, Is Sanat,parmakkapi Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2000 Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey
2000 61st State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey
2000 Meeting Point, Bandırma, Turkey
1999 Meeting Point, Corum, Turkey
1999 Turkish Heart Foundation, Painting and Sculpture Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
1998 Dreams and Generations, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, Turkey
1998 Dissonance, Gallery Dissonans, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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