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Saliha Yılmaz (1985, Balıkesir) in her ceramic sculptures and paintings; relates the concepts of identity, gender and alienation to urban life and nature. When we consider the life of the individual together with the expectations of the society and the system, it conveys how this life changes and the reflections of this change in the world of spirit and mind. The artist describes human alienation through the metaphor of flowers, plants, animals and buildings.



2009  Yeditepe University, Department of Plastic Arts, Undergraduate

2009  Yeditepe University, Fashion and Textile Design, Double Major

2016  Yeditepe University, Department of Plastic Arts, M.Sc.

Solo Exhibitions

2020  ''Earth Notes'', Merkur Gallery, Istanbul

2018  “A Space of Its Own”, Solo Exhibition, Yeditepe University GSF Art Gallery, Istanbul

2017  “Dust Pink”, Solo exhibition, Büyükdere35, Istanbul

2013  “If You Love, Go Live in the Forest”, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Bu, Istanbul


Group Exhibitions

2019  “Vol: 6”, Our Gallery, Istanbul

2019  “Art Market II”, Anna Laudel, Istanbul

2019  “The Look”, SK Art Projects, Gallery Artist Editions, City's Nisantasi, Istanbul

2019  “For Long Live Women”, Kargart, Istanbul

2019  “From Artist to Artist”, Bazaart Project, Büyükdere35, Istanbul

2018  “Dynamo 3”, Büyük Efes Art, Swiss Hotel, İzmir

2018  “Dynamo 3”, Büyük Efes Art, Bodrum

2017  “ODTU Art 18”, Middle East Technical University Culture and Congress Center, Ankara

2016  “a Remix of the Local”, Sevil Dolmacı Art Base Project, Istanbul

2015  “Breath Vol III”, Mercury Gallery, Istanbul

2015  Orange Blossom International Arts Colony 6th Year Exhibition, Ankara

2015  “Hey, I'm Here 2”, Pinelo Gallery, Istanbul

2015  “No way, we will escape”, Mercury Gallery, Istanbul

2015  “Sorry, Which Floor?”, Merkur Gallery, Istanbul

2014  “Close Up”, Art50, Casa dell' Arte Hotel of Arts & Leisure, Bodrum

2014  “Time IV at Yeditepe”, Ekavart Gallery, Istanbul

2014  “Hey, I'm Here”, Haliç Shipyard, Istanbul

2014  “States of Matter 2”, Armaggan Art & Design Gallery, Istanbul

2009  Yeditepe University Plastic Arts Department Exhibition, CKM, Istanbul

2008  “Women's Day”, Cekirdek Art Gallery, Istanbul

2008  “Golden Day”, 5533, İMÇ, Istanbul

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