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Sabire Susuz (1967, Kütahya) refers to the unstable and slippery stance of life thanks to the materials and techniques she uses in her works. While there are many shortcuts to creating a pictorial image, he spends so much time on the making phase, which is defined as craftsmanship, and emphasizes the process itself. In other words, it tries to slow down the movement aimed at the result by highlighting the process of formation, in short, it focuses on time. Sabire Susuz creates images by attaching them to a cloth with a pin, while painting the labels bearing the brands and usage instructions of the garments with a special intervention in accordance with the compositions she designed. While using the labels painted in different techniques, his works, which take care not to impair the legibility of the brands, create a surface for unstable and dynamic forms as well as the mosaic effect it carries. Just like the conceptual meaning of the brand and the label, the fact that “the needles can be removed with a simple movement and only an empty cloth remains” in the works of the artist reminds us of the fact that branding is not an identity acquisition process, but an attached illusion that can be destroyed at any moment.


1991 Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Education Faculty, Painting Department, Undergraduate 

1995 Dokuz Eylül University Institute of Social Sciences, high License 

2007 Dokuz Eylul University Fine Arts Institute, Graphic Art Department, Proficiency in Art

Solo Exhibitions

2015  "SOBE", MERKUR Gallery, Istanbul

2012  "Cin Ali at Exhibition", MERKUR Gallery, İIstanbul

2007  "Cesme", Altın Yunus Selçuk Yaşar Art Gallery

2006  "Identities", MK Studio, Rotterdam

2003  "For Me", İletişim Kitapevi Art Gallery, İzmir

2002  "I Be Myself" (Performance), Izmir

1998  Serigraphy Exhibition, Konak İş Bankası, Art Gallery, İzmir

1992  Print Painting Exhibition, German Cultural Center, İzmir


Group Exhibitions

2013   MERKUR Palmarina, Bodrum

2009  "Material Painting", American Hospital, Istanbul

2009  "Plastic Wood Vol.III", Dirimart, Istanbul

2004   "Garret-Attic", K2 Art Center

2004   65th State Original Print Painting Competition Exhibition
2003   Mixed Painting Exhibition, Selçuk Yaşar Museum, İzmir
2003   64th State Original Print Painting Competition Exhibition

2003   2nd TRT Painting and Ceramic Competition Exhibition

2001  "Human Rights, Contact Bookstore Gallery, Izmir

2000  A.Ü. Faculty Members Group Exhibition, A.Ü. Library Exhibition Hall, Eskisehir

1998   59th State Original Print Painting Competition Exhibition

1998   "Similarities-Differences", Underwater Archeology Museum Bodrum Castle, Bodrum

1998   "Young Event IV", Tuyap Exhibition Hall, Istanbul

1997   28th DYO Competition Original Print Exhibition

1997  "Youth Event III", Tuyap Exhibition Hall, Istanbul

1997   Young Artists from İzmir, Painting and Sculpture Museum, İzmir

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