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ARZU AKGÜN'S "The Space of Romantic Sensing" EXHIBITION IS AT MERKUR 


After a long break, Arzu Akgün's new exhibition "The Space of Romantic Sensation" opens at MERKUR between September 23 and October 21, 2023.

In landscape paintings, we see not only the depiction of nature, but also the deep traces of the artist's spirituality.

This is a symbolic reflection of the spiritual relationship established with nature rather than a documentary and realistic style. Impressions obtained through the senses create a symbolic world of perception unique to every human being. As Adler said; “Perception is more than just a physical image; It is a psychological function from which the most comprehensive conclusions can be drawn about inner life.

The view of nature, which is considered together with its spirituality, opens the doors of spirituality and emotion of the modern world to the end. For this reason, the existing imaginary reality was created with subjective data.


The artist's interpretation of the exhibition is; “We can consider nature as a reflection of my spiritual relationship with nature, beyond just the purpose of portraying nature in a documentary or realistic style. For this reason, the landscape, tree, dry branches and leaves in my paintings have become things that can be read with symbolic references. They have become the symbol of the effort to regain existence by taking the reflection of spiritual depth from nature.”


Arzu Akgün Graduated from Dokuz Eylul University she did her degree on painting.

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