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2 MAY - 23 MAY 2011th



In her solo exhibition Resume, Şeyda Cesur reviewed her artistic production to date and made choices between herself and her production. At the end of these choices, the artist reproduced her old works that she had produced in different disciplines such as video, performance and photography with different tools such as canvas and handmade paper. Other times, she created innovative works based on these works. Mixing his series such as "Do You Love Me?" (2002), "Dijital Tanık" (Digital Witness) (2003), "Sıra Sende" (It's Your Turn) (1996) with today's perspective and materials like a DJ, the artist created a new identity and a new kind of covers. In his new series "Ben Kendim" (2011), he added a new one to his previous works using his body and realized performative canvases by tracing his own body.

Cesur explained her recent works and the exhibition process she went through as follows:

"I stood in front of a whole production of mine, combining the collisions and additions in this process, where I united and clashed with myself, and how much my biography was affected by this. In the end, a circle was formed. I realized this. This is a summary. It is a summary of me, of myself and what I have produced based on them. It is also a beginning."

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