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While creating his works, Mustafa Aykurt (1988, Kayseri) sets out from the fact that the most important skill in human evolutionary development is the ability to imitate. From toys to games, from clothes to accessories, from war tools to flags, from epics to mythology and even to art, the tendency to imitate, a phenomenon that manifests itself in all of its culture, in other words, trying to understand nature through its language is a reflection of the instinct of survival. Recognizing the power in nature, man sought ways to use it; When he witnessed the continuity of nature as it transforms, he discovered that this cycle also existed within himself, and used the power he acquired to protect himself, to distance those who are not from himself, or to seize those who are not himself. The changing form of power in human hands for thousands of years and the evaluation of these changes through society is still an ongoing question. Man's way of using the power he has transformed from nature and his adventure from past to present are the main factors that shape Mustafa Aykurt's art. In this journey, the viewer's encounter with the artist's sculptures ensures that they are completed by gaining meaning.



2010  Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Undergraduate 

2016  Tokyo University of the Arts (GEIDAI), MA

2017  Kanazawa College of Art, PhD

Solo Exhibitions 

2019  "Riding a Horse 'a study'", Gallery Ginza, Tokyo

2018  Yunus Emre Institute, YEE Hall, Minato, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

2022  "Breath IV", Merkur Gallery, Istanbul

2019  Tokyo Independent 2019, Geidai Museum, Tokyo

2019  Sotsuten (Graduation Works Exhibition - Geidai), Tokyo

2018  AAC2018 Art Meets Architecture Competition, Tokyo

2018  Minnadoreinikibishii, Nezu Gallery, Tokyo

2017  Steelers Group Exhibition, Tennozu Tower, Tennozu Island, Tokyo

2017  Toride Public Art Stage, Toride

2017  Kanazawa Sculpture Fest, Kanazawa Castle, Kanazawa

2016  Kenpoku Performance Art- Warobocchi, lbaraki

2014  Marmara University Graduation Exhibition (Sculpture), Istanbul

2012  Marmara University Sculpture Exhibition, Istanbul

2010  Marmara University Design Exhibition Istanbul

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