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İsimsiz, 120 x 170 cm, Lambda Print, Siyah İpek Kaplı, 2009 ...jpeg

Halim Al Karim (1963, Najaf v. Iraq) deals with ongoing issues, particularly those related to violence, created by the corrupt political agenda of community leaders. The artist defines photography as the perfect space for self-expression, as it preserves the foundations of visual reality and can be manipulated to show altered states of mind. The photographs, which are out of focus in composition, sometimes rendered more mysterious under a silk veil, embody the past, present and future simultaneously, while embodying the ambiguity of the text, time and place. These techniques, which have the distinctive features of the artist's works, are the means of overcoming the troubles he experiences. The "Hidden" series combines the earliest photographic theme of Halim Al Karim and the Sufi concept of al-batin, one of the 999 names of Allah, meaning "truth". In "The King's Harem", he reflects Orientalist visuality and brings a contemporary interpretation to well-known themes in art history. Commenting on how power can be coercive and oppressive with these, the artist draws attention to the universality of the problems instead of seeing the theme as an East-West conflict. In works that depict universal human emotions with different colors including shades of gray, the repetitive composition of the eyes in the focal point and the masked mouths reflect the form of self-protection and resistance, a mentality adopted by Iraqis in contemporary times.


1988  BA Ceramics, Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts

2000  Gerrit Reitveld Academy, Amsterdam, Holland

Solo Exhibitions

2013   Halim Al Karim: Witness from Baghdad, Artspace, London / England

2012   Hidden” Merkur, Istanbul

2012   Halim Al Karim, Galerie Imane Fares, Paris, France

2012   Hidden Goddess, Nuova Galleria Morone, Milan, Italy

2012   Schizophrenia, AB Gallery,  Luzern, Switzerland

2012   Art Paris Art Fair, Galerie Imane Fares, Paris, France 

2011   XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2011   NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE

2010   Witness From Baghdad, Darat Al Funun, Amman, Jordan

2009   XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2008   Darat Al Funin, Kuwait 

2008   XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE 

2007   Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, USA 

2006   XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2005   Robischon Gallery,Denver, Colorado, USA 

2005   Gremillion Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA 

2005   Espace SD, Beirut, Lebanon 

2005   XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE 

2004   Saifi Village-Quartier des Arts, Beirut, Lebanon 

2003   Four Walls Gallery, Amman, Jordan 

2001   Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics, Leeuwarden, Holland

2000   Fibeitt Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1996   L'Entretemps Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon 

1995   50x70 Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon1994 Schauer Gallery, Paris, France

1993   French Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan 

1992   Baladna Gallery, Amman, Jordan  


Group Exhibitions

2012   Arab Express: The Latest Art From The Arab World, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

2012   Artspace London Opening Exhibition

2012   Contemporary Istanbul, Merkur Gallery, Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center, Istanbul

2012   Inside, Merkur Gallery, Istanbul

2012   Artspace,  London 

2011   Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey

2011   Iraq Pavilion 54th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

2011   Saatchi Gallery, London

2011   See the Light, Louis Vuitton Hong Kong Gallery, Hong Kong

2011   Al Ghaib (The Disappearance), Contemporary Art Space, Maraya Al Qasba, Sharjah, UAE

2011   The State: Uppers and Downers, Farook Collection, Traffic Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2010   Nujoom: Constellations of Arab Art from the Farjam Collection, Dubai, UAE

2010   Peripheral Vision, Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE

2010   Stux Gallery, New York, USA

2010   Red Line Gallery, curated by Robishon Gallery, Colorado, USA

2010   Milan Art Fair, Milan, Italy

2010   Aspen Art, Colorado, USA

2010   Behind the Mask, The New Art Gallery, Walsall, England

2010   IF Galleria, Paris  

2009   Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2009   Bastakiya Art Fair, Dubai

2009   Paul Klee Museum, Bern, Switzerland

2009   Crossings Traversees, Rabat, Morocco 

2009   Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong

2009   Arti Campi Gallery, Verona, Italy

2009   Art Abu Dhabi, UAE

2008   Art Paris, Paris, France

2008   Art Paris, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2008   Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York, USA

2008   Radical Gallery, Zug, Switzerland

2006   Pinceaux pour Plumes", Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon   

2006   Arteclasica 2006 - 3ª Feria de Arte Clásico Contemporane,El Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2004   Ceramic Delft, Delft, The Netherlands 

2003   Tegels, Corrosia Cultural Center, Almere Haven, The Netherlands 

2001   Contemporary Ceramics in Lebanon, AUB, Beirut, Lebanon   

1999   Ceramic Millenium, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1999   Pictura, Dordrecht, Netherlands

1998   Art Deco LA FIAD, Beirut, Lebanon   

1998   Global Ceramics 1, Landsmeer, The Netherlands

1998   Fleuris-98, Ede, The Netherlands 

1998   Agial Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon   

1997   Musee des Metiers de Mercure, Larochelle, France

1996   Parterre Gallery, Sommelsdijk, The Netherlands 

1996   Babel Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1995   Salon des Art Decoratif – SAD, Beirut, Lebanon   

1994   Salon d'Automne, Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon   

1993   International Art Festival, Amman, Jordan 

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