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Fatma Tülin (1950, Istanbul), who enriched the organic forms in her early paintings with the human body image she worked after 1980, uses giant crustaceans, dried plants and fruits in her canvases. Going beyond the classical "dead nature" paintings with these arrangements, the artist works on a line between the abstract and the concrete, usually on large canvases. The artist, who started working at Özer Kabaş's workshop in 1971, studied language and literature at Boğaziçi University. Taking part in more than 50 group exhibitions at home and abroad, Fatma Tülin continues her work in Istanbul and Paris.


1973  Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

Solo Exhibitions

2021  “How Is It... Is It?”, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
2020  “The Meaning of the Cat - Other than the Cat”, Gallery Mercury, Istanbul
2018  “The Skin of the Universe”, Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center Five Domes, Istanbul

2016   Gallery Carré 52, Paris

2017  “Faces, Whispers”, Merkur Gallery, Istanbul

2014  Musée de la Lithographie, France
2013  “33”, Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul
2011  “Before”, Casa Dell'Arte Gallery, Istanbul
2010  “Moving Pieces”, Gallery 44a, Istanbul
2007  “Before”, French Cultural Center, Istanbul
2006  Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum Exhibition
2004  "Time, Person, Space", Milli Re Gallery, Istanbul 

2004  Yeditepe University, Istanbul
2004  Salle Prestige d'Escal' Atlantic, St. Nazaire, France

2003  French Cultural Center, Istanbul
2001  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
2000  Apel Art Gallery, Istanbul
1998  AKM Art Gallery, Istanbul
1998  Black and White Art Gallery, Ankara
1993  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1992  Urart Art Gallery, Ankara
1991  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1989  Gallery Nev, Istanbul
1989  Gallery Nev, Ankara
1987  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1986  Gallery Tanbay, Ankara
1985  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1984  Urart Art Gallery, Ankara
1983  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1982  Vakko Art Gallery, Izmir
1982  Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara
1981  Urart Art Gallery, Istanbul
1979  Melda Kaptana Gallery, Istanbul
1977  Gallery Baraz, Istanbul
1976  Artisan Gallery, Ankara
1975  Melda Kaptana Gallery, Istanbul


Group Exhibitions

2010  “7”, CAM Gallery, Istanbul
2009  “New Works, New Horizons”, Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, Istanbul

2009  25th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Siyah Beyaz, Ankara
2008  Gallery Apel 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Apel, Istanbul
2005  “Intersecting Times”, Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, Istanbul

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