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Evren Sungur ( 1980, Istanbul )

He studied Architecture at Yeditepe University and Sculpture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.

Sungur's conceptual framework is based on the questioning of the nature, evolution, existence and civilization of human beings; accordingly, he draws his motivation from the behavioral characteristics of human beings, the duality between reason and instincts, the relations between men and women that determine the social order, the competition between generations and the cultural/political past. The poetic phenomenon in Sungur's paintings stems from the tragedy of his figures' instinctive behaviors and reflexes that are contrary to their own evolution, the civilizations they have created, and ultimately their very existence.

What makes Sungur's work unique in his field is that he indiscriminately pushes all the compositional tools of art together in a unique and unshakable harmony. He defines civilization by identifying this harmony he has achieved with time, space, form and color with history, architecture, sculpture and painting. The fact that the civilization he describes disturbs the viewer is because the artist despises civilization.

The artist's main aim is for the viewer to find his own truth in front of him. He wants to isolate the viewer by leaving him alone with the painting, but he can only achieve this goal by questioning himself. In this process, the artist chooses the method of thinking through the act of painting, relying on his intuition. The works that will emerge instinctively will give the artist clues about his own nature.

Sungur does not hesitate to use visual material richly. By using a variety of images together, Sungur equips himself with all his weapons in order to shock his viewers. With the permission of his generation's aesthetic understanding, he both opens a wide space of freedom for himself and refers to the digital habits of his generation.


2011 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Sculpture, Istanbul, Turkey

2002 Yeditepe University, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, Department of Architecture,B.Arch, Istanbul, Turkey

2014 ''100 Painters of Tomorrow'', Thames & Hudson, London, UK


2014 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Thames & Hudson, London, UK
2009 Nuri Iyem Painting Contest 1st Prize, Evin Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Onsekiz Mart University, Painting Contest, 2nd Prize, Çanakkale, Turkey
2008 3. Çanakkale Painting Contest, Onsekiz Mart University, Rector’s Prize, Çanakkale, Turkey
2008 Ankara Barosu Painting Contest, 3rd Prize, Ankara, Turkey
2007 Nuri Iyem Painting Contest Jury’s Prize, Evin Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey


Solo Exhibitions
2024 Double Heads // Big Cats, Merkur, Istanbul, Turkey
2019 God Complex, Art On Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Personator, Art On İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Organic Machines - Sketch for a Sculpture, Summart Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 Tour de Force, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 Live Broadcast, Akademililer Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey


Art Fairs
2023 Artweeks Akaretler, Merkur, Istanbul, Turkey
2023 Contemporary Istanbul, Merkur, Istanbul, Turkey
2022 Contemporary Istanbul, Sevil Dolmacı Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2021-2016 Contemporary Istanbul, Art On İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 START London Art Fair, Solo booth, Art On İstanbul, London, UK
2015 London Art Fair, Beers Contemporary, London, UK
2014 Volta 10, Beers Contemporary, Basel, Switzerland
2014 Mamut Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey
2012-2011 Contemporary Istanbul, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 Marrakech Art Fair, Gallery Zilberman, Marrakech, Morocco
2011 Berliner Liste, Gallery Zilberman, Berlin, Germany
2011 Art Bosphorus, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 Artist Art Fair, Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları, Istanbul, Turkey


Group Exhibitions
2022 Respect for Existance, Merkur, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 Summer Olympics, Art On Istanbul, Elements Bodrum, Bodrum, Turkey
2019 Open Exhibition No.3-Hot Dog, Açık Alan Atölye, Istanbul, Turkey
2018 99 Square, Art On Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2018 Venue Atelier, CerModern, Ankara, Turkey
2018 No Story, Art On Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Heavy Burden, Art On Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Modern Times, Summart Sanat Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey
2014 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Beers Contemporary, London, UK
2013 Artist’s Journal, 44A Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 Meeting Point, Akademililer Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 Istanbul Summer Exhibition, Sanat Limanı (Antrepo), Istanbul, Turkey
2010 Fictional Realities, Transformations, curated by Denizhan Özer, 2nd Çanakkale Biennial, Çanakkale, Turkey

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