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Guardian, 120x50x74 cm, Dantel, Resin, Akrilik, 2012 .jpeg


MERKUR is hosting sculptor Ozan Oganer's first solo exhibition at the gallery and the third solo exhibition of his career, "Dilemma".  The exhibition, featuring the latest sculptural works of the Izmir-based artist, will be on view between November 9 and November 27, 2012. The artist, who introduced materials such as lace and needlepoint to the art of sculpture, expands his unique technique in this exhibition by pushing the boundaries of a new material in addition to the usual material.
Ozan Oganer goes beyond the symbolic meaning of lace, which he has used until now, and transforms the material in terms of both form and content. At the end of this transformation, by embroidering his new material like lace, he reflects the dilemma he falls into with a voluntary thought on the thematic ground of his works. On the one hand, figures representing purity, virtue and philosophically divine thought are answered by figures that reveal the dark and demonic aspects of the human soul. Compositionally complementing each other, the figures are accompanied by a "surprise" work that communicates with the viewer, while small details that feed the concept of fetish help to keep the theme alive in the minds. Revealing the hidden impulses of people, the artist emphasizes the duality of the soul and creates her own "Dilemma" with her figures moving back and forth between two materials. 
MERKUR invites art lovers who want to discover their own dilemmas to the material journey of a successful sculptor.

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