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5 APRIL - 30 APRIL 2013

Kümelendirme, 150 x 180 cm, Tuval Üzerine Karışık Teknik, 2013 .jpeg


MERKUR is hosting a solo exhibition titled "Equal" by Hasan Pehlevan, a young artist. In the exhibition, which will be on view between April 05, 2013 - April 30, 2013, the artist presents his latest series of works referring to the Op-Art movement. 
Hasan Pehlevan, who conceptually brings together perceptual psychology and visual theories and questions the reception of the viewer through the Op-Art phenomenon, puts forward a modest formal "Equality" in his works, far from assertive discourses. The visual propositions, which can be easily analyzed with a careful glance of the "eye" at the works, also discuss Gestalt psychology and the related issues of "perception" and perceptual organization".  The artist reinterprets the formal boundaries of the canvas based on Op-Art's approach, which centers on the stimulus-response system in individuals and grounds itself. 
MERKUR invites the viewer to rethink the history of art by exploring Hasan Pehlevan's production with reference to the first role of art.

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