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APRIL 8 - APRIL 29 2023



Nilay Özenbay's second solo exhibition "FLOW" will be on view at MERKUR between April 08-29, 2023. For the exhibition which includes 14 sculptures, Dr. Çiğdem Eren from ITU Faculty of Architecture has written an introduction text:

"The ‘flow’ is a perspective that makes our sense of direction in life meaningful, that comforts us and is good for us. Every person, consciously or unconsciously, puts themselves into a "flow" at some periods in their lives that is related to the person's level of awareness. Letting ourselves stay in the "moment" within the system is a surrender. However, when this surrender starts to turn into awareness, life has new meaning, and that leads to a smooth flow of energy. One can achieve a strong sense of pleasure out of it, but this requires deep concentration.

The flow harbors different happenings within non-linear layers of meaning that possess a temporal script, it alters the codes of life. Because, within the system, the flow is a phenomenon with a mathematical construct that increases, decreases, encompasses, and finds its way depending on the situation. Nilay Özenbay's works contain a story of surrender in a sense. In life, the unconscious embodies itself in our works through the decisions we make and the oppositions we set forth, thus integrating with our emotional world. There is no ready-made formula for this process, it rather finds its meaning (embodiment) through production."

Nilay Özenbay graduated from Isik University, Faculty of Visual Arts, Department of Sculpture in 2015 as a top performing student.

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