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Adnan Çoker ( İstanbul, 1927-2022 )

1951 Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (Mimar Sinan University) Painting Department, Zeki Kocamemi Workshop, License
1955 He won the European exam and went to Paris with a state scholarship.
1956-1957 André Lhote in 1957 and Henri Goetz between 1957 and 1960.

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "My Black", Merkur, Istanbul

2010 Retrospective Painting Exhibition - Beşiktaş Contemporary

2007 Artdepo Art Gallery, ArtIstanbul, Istanbul

2007 "Structural Rhythm" (Exhibition opened in memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk) March 21-April 21, Mac Art Gallery, Istanbul

2004 "Art Istanbul International Contemporary Art Meeting" December 7-12, Mine Art Gallery Stand

2003 "1995-2003 Paintings" April 7-May 15, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul

2001 "Structure and Instinct" (with VLAM Project-Mustafa Ata) November 6-December 10, Bebek Art Gallery, Istanbul

2001 "Missing Zodiac Signs" January 23-March 10, Maçka Art Gallery, Istanbul

1996 "Compilations" October 11-November 17, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul

1996 "Plus Elements" October 2-November 2, Aksanat Gallery, Istanbul

1994-95 "Minimals and Variations" October 25-December 10

1994 (Exhibition extended until January 21, 1995), Galeri B, Istanbul

1993 "Parallel to the Domes Series" December 10-January 4, 1994, Galeri Nev, Maçka, İstanbul

1993 "Parallel to the Domes Series" November 5-24, Galeri Nev, Ankara

1991 "Studies in Paris and Istanbul between 1959-1965" February 15-March 15, Arda Art Gallery, Ankara

1990 Participation in the III International Asia-Europe Art Biennial as the only selected painter from Turkey (11 large works).

1990 "Periods" February 2-March 8, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul

1989-90 "Graphics from the Abstract Expressionist Period (1959-1965)" December 5-January 14, 1990  Maçka Art Gallery, Istanbul

1989 "Retrospective Painting Exhibition" May 12-July 12, Derimod Cultural Center, Istanbul / A 120-page book about the artist was published for the exhibition.

1988 "Minimal Symmetry II" April 4-30, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul

1988 "Minimal Symmetry II" January 8-29, 1988, Harbiye Garanti Art Gallery, Istanbul

1986 "Minimal Symmetry I" May 13-June 7, 1986, Maçka Art Gallery, Istanbul

1979 "Symmetries" March 1-14, 1979, State Fine Arts Gallery, Istanbul

1973 "Black Symmetry" March 20-April 2, 1973, American Cultural Center, Istanbul (Accompanied by Yannis Xenakis's Metamorphoses on Ney Taksim by Niyazi Sayın, superposed by the artist).

1969 "Black Paintings" March 7-22, 1969, Gallery I, Istanbul (Works were exhibited accompanied by İlhan Mimaroğlu's electronic music).

1966 "Glue Paint Material and Collages" Exhibition April 11-22, 1966, Turkish-German Cultural Center, Istanbul.

1962 "Gouaches" Exhibition March 26-April 6, 1962, Turkish-German Cultural Center, Istanbul.

1961 "Paris Studies" April 3-14, 1961, Turkish-German Cultural Center, Istanbul

1955 "Non-Objective and Abstract Paintings" Adnan Çoker and Ali Durukan, May 2-17, 1955, Maya Gallery, Istanbul

1954 "Non-Objective and Abstract Paintings" Adnan Çoker and Lütfü Günay, April 16-30, 1954, Maya Gallery, Istanbul

1954 "Non-Objective and Abstract Paintings" Adnan Çoker and Lütfü Günay, February 6-19, 1954  Helikon Association, Ankara

1953 "Before the Exhibition" Adnan Çoker and Lütfü Günay's First Abstract Painting Exhibitions, February 10-16, 1953, Faculty of Language and History Geography, Ankara

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