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19 August - 19 September 2023

Evren Sungur, God Complex, 122x140 cm, tuval uzerıne yaglı boya, 2019.jpg

                                                                    “BREATH Vol.6” MIXED EXHIBITION AT MERKUR

Adnan Çoker, Ahmet DURU, Saliha YILMAZ, Zeynep Çilek ÇİMEN, Canan KÖSE, Burak KUTLAY, Evren SUNGUR, Burcu PERÇİN, Rabia CELIK,Fran ANIORTE, Yusuf AYGEÇ

BREATH VOL.VI is at MERKUR between 19 August - 19 September.


BREATH Vol. VI brings together the works of 10 artists at MERKUR.

While the works come out of the bare reality of spatialization, they return inside and bring the audience together with themselves. At the same time, it fills the gap between these two areas by “being”.

The space between these two areas, which is filled with the sudden meeting and captivity of the inner self and the outer world, animates beings with the same vicious circle by colliding and transforming within the framework of the identities of objects with an accepted bewilderment.

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