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5 APRIL - 30 APRIL 2011th



Artist Şevket Sönmez tries to walk barefoot in the Bosphorus in his new exhibition titled “ISTANBULGRADE”. How strong is the current? How deep are the waters? The exhibition can be seen at MERKUR between 11 March – 4 April.


Şevket Sönmez, in his solo exhibition that he will open at MERKUR on March 11, brings the image of Istanbul, which can be close and far away from everything at the same time, to himself from dreams; he is trying to create from himself by turning towards dreams. The paintings in this exhibition are about the desire to possess, dream, dream, touch, wind and madness brought by deep currents. With this exhibition, the artist takes his previously developed large-scale watercolor technique to extremes. A unique technique consisting of the use of different materials meets a rich visual world. The view of the Bosphorus and a stray dog or a close friend are all images for the artist that describe Istanbul.


The works of Şevket Sönmez are far from the concept of 'landscape', which is the first thing that comes to mind when Istanbul is mentioned. Today, according to many people, Istanbul expresses a 'situation' that is often referred to with longing, love and hatred, beyond a city in which we live. The artist creates his works in the “ISTANBULGRADE” exhibition based on such various situations. The current and tension of the Bosphorus meet with Şevket Sönmez's interest in fluid materials such as watercolor and ink, gaining a new meaning. Believing in the importance of childlike realism, the artist tries to develop a direct form of expression as a method; superposed images bring together figures and objects from different perspectives in eclectic compositions.


Şevket Sönmez's solo exhibition can be seen at MERKUR between 11 March – 4 April.

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