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JANUARY 16  - FEBRUARY 10, 2024

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Leo Lunatic, one of Istanbul's famous artists and designers, is preparing for a brand new exhibition with MERKUR!


Bringing an advanced and colorful breath of fresh air to Istanbul's art scene, artist and designer Leo Lunatic adds a new one to his creative adventure. The artist, who left his mark on the streets of Istanbul with his iconic panda, Roman and Greek busts and reached a large audience around the world, is preparing to meet his audience with "Leo in Crimeland" at MERKUR on January 16.


Leo Lunatic, who was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1987, started his art journey by decorating the city's walls and trains with colorful spray paints when he moved to Istanbul in 1998. He is involved in the art scene by producing his works in multimedia and collaborating with many leading brands.


With his famous "Panda", Leo Lunatic was ranked among the "15 Best Graffiti Artists in the World" by the readers of the British magazine The Guardian in 2013. Since then, the artist has collaborated with many important brands such as Nike, Puma, Converse, Tommy Hilfiger, Mavi, Levi's, GRMY, Warner Bros, Guinness, and also TEB, Yapı Kredi, H&M, Mini Cooper, Turkcell, YOO Architecture, Istanbul. Many collaborations were made with brands such as 74 and Soho House Istanbul during his art journey.


The balance that the artist established between old and new, modern and ancient, not only reflects his own perspective; It also reflects today's Istanbul, a blend of various cultures spanning millennia. Covering the development of Turkey in 2015, Leo Lunatic soon began to leave its tracks in a defined performance state around the world in Turkey, the United States, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Romania, Greece, Russia and so on.


As an experimental artist, he continues to push the envelope regarding art and its multidisciplinary fields.

The exhibition, which will open on January 16, can be visited until February 10.

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