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SEP 27 - 18 OCTOBER 2014

_Hiç _ Nothing_, 100 x 100 x 23 cm, Pleksiglas üzerine metalik otomobil boyası, 2014 .jpeg


Seçkin Pirim, one of the most successful young names in the art of Turkish sculpture, will open his exhibition, which he calls “Glitch”, mainly consisting of wall sculptures, on Saturday, September 27, between 13.00 and 19.00 at MERKUR.

The exhibition can be viewed until October 18, 2014.



About the works of the artist to be included in the exhibition; “Symmetry is one point I'm obsessed with. It is an obsessive but enjoyable situation that is reflected in the sculptures as in my whole life. This year I broke this point in my life; The murals that emerged with the question of whether I could apply the same thing to my works if I succeeded in disrupting my routines, putting aside physical and emotional obsessions and seeing disruptions as a color, showed that small problems/glitches gave it a new dynamism instead of disrupting the form. It was hard to get used to the first time, but now I feel the pleasure of seeing mistakes and setbacks as a part of the whole, when each job gives birth to a new one. Just like life…” Seçkin Pirim

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