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_Martiropolis_, 150 x 150 cm, Tuval Üzerine Karışık Teknik, 2014 .jpeg


Hasan Pehlevan will open his exhibition called “EV / HOME” at MERKUR on Tuesday, October 21, between 18.00 - 20.00.

“Home” is a symbol of the world of man, but also showing how much he has lost his connection with nature. The process of settling human beings in the "EV", which is a micro universe from a macro universe, is also an experience of reshaping nature. “HOME” is an illusion of nature, the artificial light reflected from the ceiling to the room, the color of the walls, the carpet on which he lives, the kitchen he feeds on is nature itself for him.

Art turns into a reality to the extent that it succeeds in breaking away from nature. Dorothy's struggle to escape from the realities of the world she lives in leads her to awaken to a magical, colorful world in the wizard of Oz, who is identified with "HOUSE". The world he awakens to is shaped not by a god, but by Dorothy's wishes.

Colors are images of escape from the world of dreams and realities. Hasan Pehlevan, who produces images based on the "EV" image, almost recolors the world and tries to re-establish a link between colors and life. He observes many objects encountered in daily life and produces works in these contexts. For him, the carpet motif laid on the floor is a natural wonder that contains all the colors of nature, the light spectra reflected from the street lamp is a source that presents all the mysteries of the universe, and the dress patterns that appear from the wardrobe he has opened have turned into a cascade with a rainbow shining on it.


The artist, who set out from experiences, realized his 3rd personal exhibition by making readings on the past and the future. He tried to draw attention to the forms, forms and structures that the individual identifies with himself. These metaphorized forms highlight the effective use of language as well as visual expression. The artist produces his works through forms that exist around him but are not noticed and are left to disappear.


The artist, who made studies on writing as a linear expression in his previous works and then continued his thesis on opart, this time comes up with colorful dynamic moving compositions, by dealing with terms such as culture, environment and home. It provides details with the techniques of zooming and detaching a certain area within the visual field of the eye.”

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