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PHOENIX, 150 x 180 cm, Tuval Üzerine Yağlı Boya, 2014 .jpeg


Today we are all children of the media. We are drawn to social media, which has become our center of attraction with the new information structures it has shaped, just like the spider is drawn towards its web with its magnificent design. A complex but tight bond has formed between image, image and reality, which we cannot break but do not want to be imprisoned. 


By constantly updating ourselves, we are getting a little more loaded and loaded every day. In this context, in Şeyda Cesur's new exhibition called UPDATE, the artist intervenes through her art. Creating his works with oil paint layers that overlap each other, Cesur establishes a different technical language in this way.  In the words of the artist: “Anything that hinders creation ultimately spurs creation. In my works, I combine awareness, questioning, judgment, in short, the image transformed into form, with an ironic fiction. I am interested in the image, and especially in its transformative side. This fiction between image and reality necessarily includes the artist. Because everything about the artist's intuition and emotional world has been added to this fiction. This situation, which finds one of its most effective emphases in Âşık Veysel's lines “Your beauty is insignificant / This is not the love in me”, reveals the meaninglessness of existence without the human mind and intuition. The image is the mental image of an experience acquired through the senses; In other words, it is an intellectual picture. Each image contains observations of the outside world and makes a selection. The artist is a catalyst in this process, connecting, updating and modernizing these objects with his sensibility and imagination. In this way, the artist reveals the difference of his perception. It stays in the “moment”.”


The opening cocktail of the “UPDATE” exhibition will take place on 25.11.2014 between 18:00 and 20:00. The exhibition can be seen at MERKUR until 20.12.2014. 

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