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MAY 4 - JUNE 6 2015

Yüzey, Kâğıt üzerine mürekkep taşı ve çubuğu, suluboya, 83 x 153 cm, 2015 .jpeg


Successful young artist Duygu Süzen opens her third solo exhibition titled “ECHO”, which consists of large-format paper works she produced with ink and watercolor, at MERKUR on Monday, May 4th. The exhibition, which aims to convey the echo of nature to the audience through the contrast of black and white, can be watched until 6 June 2015.

About the artist's works in the exhibition:


“The urge to reconstruct the existing forms of nature, together with personal experiences, allows us to enter a world we are familiar with as the 'other'. The viewer can be involved in this world or take on a role to explore and reflect himself. The mind can wander freely in the sea of selected images or fictionalized visuals. The earth is vast, the leaves stretch into the void, the clouds unravel the dark secrets of the mists, the nature is dazzling, holy, but also vengeful… 

Sometimes forms are distorted, sometimes repeated. Some selected images are like an echo of nature, such as the echo created by sound hitting a place and returning. These images collected from auto-vital spaces are based on the principle of unity and unity of yin and yang, with the cooperation of brush and ink, which is likened to mountain and water. It aims to focus the viewer on the painting by activating strong emotions with the contrast of black and white.” 


Duygu Süzen

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