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Olmayan Kadın II, 223x187cm, 2015, Bez Uzerine Toplu Igne ile Ilistirilmis ve Boyanmis Giy



Sabire Susuz's exhibition designed from clothes tags attached with pins

“SOBE” will be opened at MERKUR on September 5, 2015.

Sabire Susuz, with her hide-and-seek game widely known all over the world, aims to focus the gaze on our social reality by ironically addressing women who were victims of murder and exposed to violence with her 8th solo exhibition SOBE.

This game is based on the principle of hiding everyone participating in the game, when a randomly selected midwife closes her eyes with one arm and leans against the wall and starts counting to the number she has determined. After they finish counting and open their eyes, the midwife must find the hiding places  and the players must touch the counting wall and shout sobe in order to win, without being seen by the midwife.

In the real-life version of the game of hide and seek, which is the subject of the exhibition, the patriarchal midwife, blood ties, women reduced to traditions / social roles, and child girls represent the players who are forced into hiding by being included in this game. The midwife starts the countdown by giving the command she wants in the place she wants. The exhibition calls "SOBE" the attempt to cover-up with murder, suicide and violence by midwives and supporters of women who do not want to hide and resist commands. 

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