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“fruko” 150x200 cm, Alüminyum Üstüne Airbrush Boyama, 2015 .jpeg


Ersan Deveci, who uses different materials and techniques together in his works

It will meet with art lovers at MERKUR between 3-24 December 2015.

The artist, who generally focuses on objects, various tools and equipment that we are familiar with in mass culture; sees them as ethnographic objects reflecting the spirit of the time and makes them tools of artistic expression. In this exhibition titled “Happy Ending”; It focuses on the finds and wastes of consumption objects that we use extensively in our daily life. Always Happy Ending, the invisible motivation of the established order! believes that our endless consumption desires that end with a deception are essentially a deception, and at this point uses crushed beverage cans as a metaphor in the exhibition.

The sense of space sought in a painting is not consciously included in the artist's work. Deveci exhibits similar consumption products in a uniform billboard format by using advertising materials in his works. In the works where the sameness and uniformity are felt, the lack of space serves the aesthetics of advertising. The artist presents the found objects in his paintings to us again by putting them in a form that we will like. However, these advertised objects are garbage that we gradually spread around. The aesthetics of the form and material and the unpleasantness of the content create a contradiction in itself, reverse the natural and the artificial, and fail the audience's expectations.

In this exhibition, the artist uses the phrase “happy ending” as an advertising strategy slogan, on the other hand, he wants to remind us how close we are to a happy ending with what we consume.

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