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APRIL 1 - MAY 5 2016

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Seçil Erel's first exhibition at MERKUR, “As Is” opens on Friday, April 1, 2016.


Seçil Erel, who will mainly exhibit her paper works, relates the concepts of time, existence and belonging to the places she went to, unlike her previous periods. This time, he keeps the fiction, which is in the basic structure of the works, a little more in the background and plays with the material in the process and gives the audience the opportunity to encounter more open effects.

"Don't let yourself go in the fictional structure, don't find yourself where you left off, and don't reconstruct...

Art production is a method of recognizing, understanding, and finding diversity of perspectives on the world spread throughout my life.

Based on the idea that everything was built on a system until the recent past, I produced works in which the fictional infrastructure manifested itself. Especially the mathematical calculations of my work on the surface seemed very obvious. Although they were open to some random situations, I was reaching the conclusion by defining myself in the fiction.

Now I think about it, art is the state of being in the moment that flows in it despite all the fiction, and leaving oneself as it is. What I mean is that the control of the mind relinquishes itself to intuition and is omnipresent with everything."

Secil Erel

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