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9 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 7, 2023


Basın Bülteni



As in the previous exhibition, Eylul Deniz's works, which are brought together in this exhibition, are more 'extremist' than anything else, the desire to reach the extreme and the state of being unable to fit into the frame; The works offer a visual intensity that is the reflection of feelings and thoughts that are so high that they cannot be expressed with language. The way the paintings are overflowing from the canvas actually resembles a poet pushing the limits of language. These works are like a visual cry that comes out at the point where language is not enough, inviting the viewer to dark and deep waters, a chaotic world, tides, mood swings, tides and a 'dipsomania' that pushes everything to the end; The poems accompanying the works also add a linguistic dimension to this visual intensity.


The works, which give importance to ambiguity rather than precision and do not hesitate to violate the ready-made patterns, also reflect a new visual and linguistic search, while bringing the audience face to face with the search for expression that makes a pre-linguistic world feel. Eylul Deniz, who sees her visual productions as a vital expression just like her poems, defines her own painting and poetry as 'cannot be tamed'. The 'untamability' here follows the traces of a more wild, wilder and more uncontrollable visual quest than the styles we are used to: like a volcanic eruption or diving into deep dark waters...


Dark Waters, where Eylul Deniz pushes the limits of material and composition, brings together visual images and poetry, image and language, can be seen at MERKUR until 7 January 2023.

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