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s.t 80 . 2014. polystyrene,wood, fiber glass and lacquer. 166 x177x28 cm. .jpeg


Spanish artist Santiago Villanueva's exhibition "Theory of Therapy" opens at Merkur on Thursday, October 6th.

Art emerged as a close experience of the body and time, and as a search for an inner portrait in which beauty became the main interlocutor. In the words of Barthes, "quickly, a page from life and a silky taste of language that twists into the situation we're stuck in."


Nothing is permanent; There is a shifting balance: there are transitions that depict inner forces, like a prophecy that has to happen. Movements caught in the middle of a transformational process, namely inaction, can be characterized as part of development or as desire and stimulus.


These works are about movements that can only be interpreted with feelings. For this reason, the works are not meant to provoke simple visual enjoyment or tactile sensations. Rather, they invite us to activate the sense of desire, to provoke us emotionally until objects penetrate us and we feel emotions in a deep and subjective place .

This whole concept is therefore constructed and defined as the core of the duality of two interacting languages: one is the subject and the other is the emotions. Here, the soft skin of industrial production, the crystallization of internal organic feelings, a kind of paradox are used as a narrative tool.

In an article written for the catalog of the collective exhibition Four Points of View, exhibited in New York, with the participation of Santiago Villanueva, the forms of the artist's strange perspective, his map, simulation, hyper-reality, giving a sense of the utopian presentation of reality established by Jean Baudrillard. reconciled with the theme, attained a sense of reality to the extent that in our time the truth is better than its own weakness.

Anyone and everything that gets this wrong will not be able to understand Santiago Villanueva's work and will, perhaps, simply have to settle for simple aesthetic judgment.


Santiago Villanueva (Madrid, 1964)

 Since 1985, Villanueva has been combining the plastic arts with her studies at the Superior of Arqitecture University in Madrid, where she received the title of urbanism specialist. Beginning to exhibit his work from 1986, he has had many solo exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Peru and EEUU (Miami). In 1993, the artist was awarded her first Perez Gil award as a young artist at the Madrid Autumn Saloon. At the same time, he received the first prize of “Concurso para a escultura da Praça de Sant Llorenç” in the Baleares Islands. He currently lives and works in Palma de Majorca.

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