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NOV 21 - DEC 15 2016


Artists: Biliana K Voden Aboutaam, Aysun Bozuklu, Görkem, MIP (Modern Industrial Project ) , Ozan Oganer, Santiago Villanueva, İbrahim Gençer Yüzer

"A Conversation" exhibition  7 consists of sculptures prepared by artists working in different disciplines. The exhibition, which allows for a conversation where different works, both technically, materially and expressively, question the visual relationship between each other, invites its viewers to explore their common discourses while taking a tour between different cultures and different artist identities.

In the exhibition, we wander through the works produced in a wide range of concepts ranging from mythological characters, religious phenomena, the concepts of death and birth to the concepts of "beauty" and "aesthetics". Technically, it is remarkable that each artist has worked on his own unique technique within the framework of the depth of his subject. Ozan Oganer's lace lends itself to polyol material, and Santiago Villanueva's drops produced with polystyrene, lacquer and acrylic materials turn from a beautiful moment into a snapshot. İbrahim Gençer Yüzer compresses the subject of "death and beauty" into a frame with LED lights, allowing us to see a dying deer through the eyes of a hunter. Aysun Bozuklu joins the conversation with a statue of a girl holding a rabbit by her ears, made with polyester  material.  MIP (Modern Industrial Project), a brand new art formation, is appearing before the audience for the first time .  And the sculpture "Bled", created by a new sculptor Görkem parametric design technique, is included in the exhibition as the second sculpture of the "Görkem" Series . Bulgarian-born artist Biliana K. Voden Aboutaam exhibits her digital sculptures placed in holographic boxes.

The exhibition "A Conversation" with a team of 7 artists from different origins   opens at MERKUR on November 21, 2016.

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