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JANUARY 31 - MARCH 2 2017

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Artist Aslı Özok, who will hold her first exhibition at Merkur, is meeting with art lovers at Merkur with her solo exhibition titled "Women" between January 31st and March 2nd, 2017.


In societies where women and men are equal, one can talk about freedom, human rights and art.

Women have been in social movements, art, philosophy, mythology for centuries; It has become the symbol of freedom, democracy and justice. Women's freedom is human freedom. The female figure is the most important plastic element in the artist's paintings. 


Aslı Özok has become an icon in her previous exhibitions; while presenting the situation of current and artistic women's consumption era  to the audience; rather than partial problems, he looked at the situation created by the system holistically.

“WOMAN” paintings emerged with the expression of the effects of the period in which the artist lived.

Garden of Armina women in the “WOMAN” exhibition bring the female figure together with old and new fabric motifs, the iconic logo of twitter, which is the symbol of communication and freedom of expression. The artist, who started off from headscarves and writings; She presents it to the audience by questioning the woman's state of being herself and her freedom in the family and society with an aesthetic interpretation.

The exhibition can be seen at MERKUR as of January 31, 2017.

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