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APRIL 10 - MAY 1 2017

Stones 1, Tuval üzeri yağlı boya, 25x25 cm, 2016 .jpeg


Metin Çelik will be in front of art lovers at Merkur with his new exhibition “Chaos-Cosmos” between April 10 and May 1.

In the exhibition titled “Chaos-Cosmos”, the artist, who reads the intricate structure of nature and human beings in the context of contrasts, reveals the relationship of time, space and figure with a metaphysical aesthetic. These paintings, in which reality is broken, manipulated, and as a result, take a new form, offer us an atmosphere of magical reality... It follows the footsteps of one dream and turns into another dream. 

Metin Çelik, reflecting the rhythm of the contrasts we encounter in life to his paintings, expresses the following words: “Order (cosmos) and disorder (chaos) define the universe we live in. One creates the other, and then chaos reigns again. This cycle, in my opinion, is one of the micro-level codes of our existence. What I do is to transfer this balance to the canvas through concepts, form and colors...”

In the “Chaos-Cosmos” exhibition, which features the artist's recent works, we will be watching the absolute power of nature and man's struggle for existence in a reality between sleep and wakefulness.

The exhibition can be viewed at the Mercury Gallery until May 1.

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