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JUNE 14 - JULY 30UZ 2017

BARIŞ YÜCEBİLGEN 'Hiçliğe Bakış' 84x111cm Kağıt üzeri yağlı boya 2017 .jpeg


The viewer asks, “Is it a picture or a photograph?” Hyper and photorealist painters, who make people think in their dilemma, meet for the first time on a theme in Turkey. While the works in the exhibition make us think on the axis of love/love simulation of our current life, on the other hand, they invite us to confront the dilemmas of 'reality/representation of reality'. According to the French thinker and contemporary art theorist Stiegler, “The ambiguity of the moment we live in is also due to the fact that it is an age of lovelessness.” The hyper/photorealist movement, which started to rise again after the '70s, continues to create powerful images with simple realism in our art world for more than ten years. With their alienated figures, the artists speak to the world, which is becoming more and more loveless every moment, with photographic realism. The works of photorealistic painters remind us of the biggest shortcoming, the irreplaceable emptiness.


Artists in the Loveless Perception exhibition curated by Şeref Akşit; Ali Komotini, Azamat Kuliev, Barış Yücebilgen, Fatih Kahya, Hasan Demir, Mehmet Yoldan Aktürk, Meryem Uzunoğlu, Mustafa Yüce, Ömer Aydın, Yahya Bağcı.

You are invited to the exhibition that can be viewed at MERKUR between 14 June - 30 July.

MERKUR will be closed between 24 June-17 July due to public holidays and summer holidays.

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