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ŞEVKET SÖNMEZ ,Ölü Güvercinler – Dead Pigeons, Tuval Üzerine Yağlıboya, 190 x 270 cm, 2017


Şevket Sönmez's new exhibition, which will be opened at MERKUR on September 25, 2017 and can be viewed until October 31, focuses on a subject who is dying blindly in love with himself and the tension created by risking death to be a part of it.


This exhibition consists of works that, in the artist's own words, try to touch the spirit of "a period in which people are directed to think by creating compulsory mental collages." 


Sevket Sönmez's comment on the “Narcissus” exhibition;

“We are in a new Rococo era; The subject itself has become a piece of ornament, our image is everywhere at the same time, we cannot know where we are. In a crowded network of individuals who have voluntarily surrendered their will, we witness lifestyles that have become the adornment of a strip; like highway lane, skyscraper lanes and flowing 'instagram' lanes. We can say that the perception of space of today's people, filled with desire and panic, is one of the 'semi-hidden' themes of the exhibition. We are inside walls and borders, but we want to be outside; being able to stay outside without being excluded from spaces that have become objects of desire, run, fly and glide”.


This contradiction reveals itself in the works of Şevket Sönmez as the meeting of overlapping images with various technical experiments and layers of meaning.


We can witness the  figure and details of a composition that takes place in the interior of his works, transforming easily into a part of the atmosphere, destroying the difference between water, air and walls.


 connection of a forest to contemporary media symbols from place to place to a classical figure detail, semi-volatile, semi-transparent  this is an impressive whole that creates multi-layered technical expressions and various meaning systems that create impressions. The exhibition will be open to visitors at MERKUR until October 31, 2017.

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