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JANUARY 12 - FEBRUARY 12, 2023




Fran Aniorte's first exhibition in Istanbul, “Ritual”, will meet with art lovers at MERKUR in Polat Piyalepaşa between January 12 and February 12, 2023, under the sponsorship of Karaca.

Fran Aniorte, one of the designers of Karaca products, reinterprets an old RITUAL inspired by the ancient Mediterranean ceremonies by bringing it to the present. Meal rituals around a table are a part of both our past and present. Appetizers in Turkey and tapas in Spain represent the cultural importance of indispensable table gatherings and food sharing. The installations, ceramics, wood and glass in Fran Aniorte's exhibition represent contemporary ceremonial objects.


The large sculptural table that creates a sense of movement and fluidity with its organically shaped and hand-painted details is among the remarkable works of the exhibition. The objects and sculptures on the table, on the other hand, describe a wholeness. With a series of large ceramic panels and round ceramic wall pieces that explore the concept of metamorphosis and energy, many of Aniorte's patterns and drawings represent cosmic energy, which she believes is the source of everything. Believing that meeting with friends around the table is a magical experience when combined with good food, the artist creates a special energy with her works.

RITUEL exhibition will host art lovers at MERKUR until February 12, 2023.

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