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11 MARCH - 1 APRIL 2019



Experiencing the Limits of the Body

Nesli Türk's solo exhibition named Corpus Magnum opens on Monday, March 11 at MERKUR.

With the “Corpus Magnum” series, he carries the feeling that he has come to terms with with the exhibitions “Memory of the Body (2011)” and “Black Sense (2015)” to another plastic. Nesli Türk has always had a problem with the body, fluids, folds and “scattering”. To paint the greatness in which the body scatters... Beyond, earthly and infinite!

This approach, which accompanies the strong pattern and paint drive of Nesli, transforms into the lightness of the sketch with “Corpus Magnum” and makes us look at it. The immediate flow of human, "anima" or desire...  The familiar;  The "Large Body" or _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ becomes the eye of "being a woman".

Body twisted, mouths opened; The painter is always dealing with the movement of the body... A surface that shines and opens with the oscillation of yellow, the trembling melencholia and the shadow of gray. The curvature and pain of the body evolves into the eyes of our humanity with its shaky actuality. Are we ministers? Or have we always been looked at...

One of the powerful brushes of the younger generation, Nesli Türk  “Corpus Magnum” tries to question this view with her paintings.  We are all one big body, actually!


“Corpus Magnum” can be watched on MERKUR between 11 March-1 April 2019.

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