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240x180cm Tuval üzerine yağlı boya 2018 .jpeg


Artist Doğan Doğan, who lives in Berlin, is at MERKUR's new venue with his new exhibition “FRAGILE” after a long hiatus...

From his address on Mim Kemal Sokak, where he has been since 2011, Hüsrev Gerede Cad. Moved to No 84 D:1, MERKUR starts its art season with Doğan Doğan. Artist Doğan Doğan, born in Besni/Adıyaman, draws particular attention to global climate changes threatening our world and environmental pollution  with this exhibition. The artist expresses his sensitivity on this issue with the following words…

"What does Doğan say to me if he dies... If the polar bear, the whale in the ocean are dying, what's wrong with you?

No, sir, Argentine oxen are farting methane gas, and the methane is causing the climate to get warmer. Too much heat also caused the icebergs to melt... When this happens, the balance of the world is upset, no matter what?

According to animal lovers, one-third of the fish we eat is plastic, which increases the risk of cancer... What if we get cancer? We don't eat fish, we eat ox, then what's it to you? Wait, don't eat right away: the oxen used to fart on methane, that didn't happen!

Ok another idea! We become vegetarians, so we eat vegetables, right? This did not happen either; because, according to the statements of the World Health Organization, 90% of vegetables and fruits contain excessive pesticides and hormones, they increase the risk of cancer, and if it increases, what is it?

If that's the case then let's eat...

What is it to me, to you, to him, to us, to you, to them?

Let's let Ayşe, Fatma, Ahmet, Mehmet think about what will happen, what should happen? Think about it, what's the harm?"

If the Earth, which is a tiny piece of dust for the universe and indispensable for us, is not properly protected, neither the beauty we see in Doğan Doğan's works remains, nor many other beauties that could be... Only a small pebble remains for the universe...

Doğan Doğan Besni, who lives and works in Berlin, was also born. After studying Law at Goethe University in Frankfurt, he attended the Fine Arts Academy in Frankfurt with Prof. Hermann Nitsch and Prof. He studied as a student of Simon Starling. Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Cooper Union in New York for a while. He studied fine arts under the mentorship of Hans Hacke.

He finished his fine arts education with a master's degree.

Doğan Doğan's paintings and sculpture installations produced with hand-sewn fabric pieces and oil painting materials on canvas will be presented.


“FRAGILE/BREAKING” exhibition can be viewed by art lovers at MERKUR gallery until 30 November 2019. 

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