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JUNE 8 - JULY 3, 2020



Going down to the essence of everything, touching the belonging of existence


In the artist exhibition; presents the behavioral evolution and change over time of the concepts of city, nature and human in individual and social focuses, which have been followed in his productions for a long time. In the production scale where he uses two different disciplines together with his Fashion and Plastic Arts education, the fictional approach of the artist, fed by a multifaceted reality, is presented with a striking synthesis. With her interdisciplinary productions, the artist opens up for discussion the inevitable and pure relationship between what life offers, the effort of man to return to his essence, and the relationship between the city and nature. The results of the variable activism of the city and people form the main line of the artist's productions and conceptual framework. As the invisible signs of the works, there is a semi-visible return from the general to the specific, from the outside to the inside, to the pure essence.

With an interdisciplinary practice, the artist deals with the multidimensional human condition with various formalist currents, with oil paint, watercolor, ceramics and installations. The ordinary (ordinary) states of individuals who gradually return to nature by abstracting from the nature destroyed by the world, the limitlessness of people and the city form the conceptual unity. Therefore, to those who are destroyed, avoided, unnoticed; Returning from the city to nature, from the outside world to the essence is handled strikingly in the works.

Saliha Yılmaz's “Notes on Earth” exhibition is viewed as an interrogation of the pessimistic course of the world, a sharp projection of its frightening reality. Bodies that are partially hybridized physically and spiritually between the invisible synapses of nature and humans identify pleasure and self-perception in the breathtaking visuality of natura, the question of creation with the use of pastel and sharp colors, with human and habitat. With her multidimensional productions, Saliha Yılmaz dynamically brings together the problems of the futuristic world and presents them to the audience with striking aesthetics, inaccessible and fascinating expressions.


Now, does nature belong to man or does man belong to nature?

Melike Bayik

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