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19 JULY - 7 SEPTEMBER 2022




MERKUR opens the fourth of the NEFES exhibition series, where it makes new artists visible after a long break, on July 19 with 16 artists.


In Nefes Vol.IV exhibition, Arzu Akgün, Burak Kutlay, Burcu Perçin, Canan Çakar, Elif  Yılmaz, Eylül Deniz Çolak, Fatih Alkan, Gonca Sezer, Gözde Baykara, Görkem Dikel, Khayyam Zidane, Mustafa Aykurt, Nilay Özenbay, Rabia Çelik, Yusuf Aygeç, Zeynep Çilek Çimen will take place with their new works.


The exhibition highlighting the important role played by the young and middle generations in today's art; As the oldest communication language, the “official” and the most classical expression material, it takes sculpture to search for composition and rhythm.


Breath Vol. IV exhibition can be viewed at the new address of MERKUR until 07.09.2022  date.


Alternating Bodies, Uncanny Faces, Reactive Words

Excerpt from the exhibition text, Beral Madra 2022

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