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5 MARCH - 30 MARCH 2013

İsimsiz, Kağıt Üzerine Çini Mürekkebi, 120x160 cm, 2012 .jpeg


MERKUR is hosting a solo exhibition titled "Pulse" by Duygu Süzen, a successful young artist. The exhibition, which will be on view between March 05, 2013 and March 30, 2013, offers the opportunity to look at the human-nature relationship through the lens of a young artist.   
Emphasizing the human being as a part of nature and identifying the consciousness of existence with the sensations of artistic production, Duygu Süzen constructs the images she depicts in this context with the inspiration she draws from self-living spaces of the past in terms of "memory/memory". As the person who is both inside and outside the paintings, the tracking space that the artist deliberately creates focuses the viewer on the painting and makes it open to internal interpretation. While the artist involves the viewer in this process of interpretation, she herself takes the pulse of the emotional state of the subject existing in the space in the painting.  While Duygu Süzen positions the space-figure relationship on the nature-human relationship, the combination of china ink and watercolor on paper increases the emotional depth of the works. 
MERKUR invites art lovers to watch Duygu Süzen transfer the memories she has brought from her memory to the present day onto paper with a different technique and an inner interpretation.

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