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11 APRIL - 3 MAY 2014

''...hani iki yanı da dik kayalık olduğu için bilemezsin.'' 162x170cm, Tuval üzerine akril


 Ali Ibrahim Ocal’s third solo-exhibition which consists of the works that he has created in the last period named ‘’Heaven’’ will take place at Merkur between the dates 11th April- 3rd May.

Ocal’s works take hold of the ‘’human fact’’ as far from the story, which imagery materializes directly, over a complex and layered language. The artist produces quite a few distant, sometimes creepy and hybridized images via blending the mandatory connection between body and time, nature with the forms of our cultural memory.

All the art-works in the exhibition; however when they are taken hold of objectively, they seem like ordinary images, with their way of formal speacialities and form of their fiction turns them into a kind of mythical aura. This mythical situation has a form like it’s feeding by a kind of symbolism at the first sight. But, when the audience comes into face to face with the painting, interpretation leaves its place to perception and the intensive watching.

The way of taking hold of the images of Ali Ibrahim Ocal makes us to remember the feeling that we have known since Romanticism. This feeling is like watching a trailer of a strange movie about the nature…

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