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Seçkin Pirim’s recent epoch sculpture works named “Discipline Factory” will be on display between the dates 6-27 December with the sponsorship of Borusan Culture Art’s place in Borusan Music House.  Between the same dates, in MERKUR, produced paper works also will be on display in parallel to the exhibition.

  Seçkin Pirim, for the first time, in this exhibition, exhibiting large sized sculptures which compell their own bounds.  Artist constitutes her sculptures, living life on both sides, one side is more slippery and free, the other side is constituted from more methodical and systematic layers.

  When we generally look at Pirim’s artworks it’s like they have made bonds with post-industry world instead of proving reference to the nature, our lives are rooted on machines, robots and computers.  As for Discipline Factory’s artworks are more abstract than prior and make transmission to theirselves.

  Artist, in her series of Discipline Factory, explains saying;  “One and all layers, in works formed from layers are individuals serve to the whole.  Forms move within a whole which’s outer contours are drafted.  We are trying to move towards drafted contours which are given to us within sociological and political point of view.  Discipline factory accomodates these effects of life, obligatory and wrought to be abondoned without options, but opposite to that, other surfaces being slippery and being with no layers, shows the war that has given for desiring to live”.

  A book is prepared exclusive for the exhibition and going to be published by Umur Yayınları, evaluations of artworks and Marcus Graf’s interview with Seçkin Pirim will occur in the book.

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