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12 MARCH - 31 MARCH 2012

225x160cm. yboya.akrilik.pleksi. 2012.jpg


Between March 12-31, 2012, MERKUR presents the second solo exhibition of young artist Ercan Akın under the title IDENTITY.

In this exhibition, Ercan Akın, under the title "Identity", aims to reveal the individual's sense of belonging, the place of status symbols in life, and the change in identities that define the individual with the change in the context of time and space. The artist explains her approach to the title of "identity" that constitutes her exhibition as follows: "My aim is to reveal the impact of social identity on people. To focus on the process of modern man, who has lost his memory and is in search of a new identity, re-creating himself within the framework of popular culture and capitalist phenomena..."

Akın also expresses the anonymization - sameness and alienation - marginalization that the concept of "identity" brings with it. At this point, the concept of "individual" and the concept of "belonging" also come into play; the individual is sometimes separated and excluded by the society through identity. The phenomenon of "identity", which turns into "labeling" and "tagging" in the post-modern society, is shaped by our innate characteristics as well as the elements brought to us by social dynamics, and appears as sub and super identities. 

In the figurative paintings dominated by the female image, Akın's unique technique draws attention. By using a technique such as oil painting on canvas, which has been in the history of art for centuries, together with plexiglass, a product of industrial and 21st century technology, Akın creates different perceptions of space and new surfaces in his paintings.

Ercan Akın's exhibition titled IDENTITY can be seen at MERKUR between March 12-31, 2012.

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