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MARCH 15 - APRIL 8 2010



In his new exhibition, Mehmet Güleryüz problematizes the moods and attitudes, actions and inactions, and the existences "knowingly" endured by individuals who breathe the present. He identifies the moments of expression that we accumulate within ourselves in a period of time where all kinds of emotions are consumed as if they have to be experienced excessively and intensely, where exposure and voyeurism are shared on the virtual plane. Mehmet Güleryüz is interested in all the moments of artificiality in a society where the boundary between the inside and the outside, where the boundary between the inside and the outside, which brings the subject into existence, has become blurred, where identity and personality problems are taken seriously only when they are exaggerated, and where the society is dominated not by "show" but by "disclosure". 

The exhibition brings together the masterpiece-level works of this great master, who has been approaching figure painting with a critical stance since the 1960s. The artist wants to discuss how we insatiably internalize all the human situations and states we construct today with the title "Even Knowingly", which he uses as the title of the exhibition. Güleryüz maintains her usual satirical approach in her compositions, in which a deep character analysis, a pictorial atmosphere in which the cause and effect relationships that bring events into existence are distilled and monumental figures meet various symbols and creatures. 

"I work on the emptiness that people feel in the face of the events we experience today and the meanings of this emptiness," says the artist about the paintings in her new exhibition. The emptiness left behind by what has happened and our confrontation with that emptiness is important for her. "The scales of emotions and relationships have shifted," Güleryüz says while talking about the problems of the present. "We cannot adjust the distance in our feelings. The lack of compassion we show to others is a problem, but the abundance of it is also a problem. Over-dramatized, undisclosed affection is just as problematic as over-disclosed affection is just as disturbing".

Mehmet Güleryüz's exhibition "Bile Bile", which makes visible the contemporary pains of desiring individuals through his dramatic and critical understanding of the figure, can be seen at Gallery MERKUR between March 15-April 8, 2010.

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