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The Anthroposynthetic exhibition, which he uses to mean "synthetic human being", deals with the awareness of the human being against the system he lives in.

The concept of "Anthroposynthetics", which is derived from the words "Anthropo" and "Scene" (human scene) in English, also refers to the human being who has the power to artificially change the world by combining the word synthetic and anthropo, which means artificial and compound.

“In Kutlay's paintings, he does not separate the individual himself from the city views and architecture that surrounds him; on the contrary, it points to the multilayeredness of the human-environment relationship in a real sense. It neither exalts the portrait by itself, nor does it leave the architecture out of breath by isolating it from the individual. The fact that the paintings also contain many architectural drawings and collages deepens this intertwining; invites the individual to rethink the relationship with the environment.”  

Esra ALIÇAVUŞOĞLU, October 2018.

Will technology become a tool in the development of human society and fauna? Or will it be a self-interested purpose in the capitalist order? Will these technologies bring destruction, as was the case with the technology used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?k? Or will it make life more sustainable based on positive development and sharing, which offers freer and more individual opportunities and possibilities?

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