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MARCH 7 - MARCH 24 2017

125x140, kağıt üzerine çini mürekkebi,kara kalem ve permanent kalem, 2015 .jpeg


Ayça Şen reflects on being born, growing up, getting old and dying in her second solo exhibition, "Where Do You Look".


Inspired by autobiographical elements, Şen prefers to use the surface he paints horizontally. Sens, who is afraid of vertical planes, looks at him after the work is done. In this respect, both in the role of the spectator and the illustrator…


Inspired by album covers, popular cartoon characters, humorous touches and personal life with the influence of his radio career, Şen reflects on concepts such as old age - youth, being born - dying, designing - stream of consciousness, loneliness - turmoil. Feeding on the idea that all contrasts contain each other, Şen created the preparation for the exhibition in two separate periods: While using closed forms for one more period, the forms begin to dissolve in the other.

Seeing coincidences, encounters, in short, the flow of life in its own rhythm, Şen sees 'Nerden Baksan' as a visual extension of personal confrontation and change. In this context, while he can perceive all conceptual explanations as an intervention in his personal life, the 'contrast' he employs comes into play and moves from vertical media to horizontal media that can also make concessions.

Here, Ayça Şen goes on the path of development by contradicting herself with the idea that sometimes the only way to develop an idea is to contradict that idea.

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