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23 MAY - 10 JUNE 2017

Tuval üzeri karışık teknik 150x200cm 2017 .jpeg


Şeyda Cesur, who uses an implicit language instead of directly telling her feelings in her recent works; He prefers an exotic and mythological narrative that includes contrasts with themes of inner world, dreams, dreams, loneliness, life and death. His new series, called 'Bird Language', deals with familiar images based on popular culture figures, and asks us to delve deeper by obscuring their real-world meanings.

Saying, “I do not reflect reality in my works, but the effects of reality on people,” Cesur underlines that “Bird Tongue” refers to perception, which is our sixth sense. Bird is one of the figures he uses in his paintings; wings and feathers symbolize justice, righteousness and truth. While the artist says that "the truth is not what appears to me, but what it makes me feel", on the other hand, by creating his style from contrasts, he says "if there is no contrast, there is no movement". He calls the bond he wants to establish with the audience, using the contrast of colour, size, texture and form, and the rich color scale he creates from dots and lines, “communication aesthetics”.

“Bird Language” is the artist's 12th solo exhibition.

The exhibition can be viewed at MERKUR between 23 May and 10 June 2017.

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