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MAY 2 - MAY 30 2019

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The exhibition named "Memory of Victory" by Kübra Boy opens on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at MERKUR.

In his first personal exhibition “Memory of Victory”, the artist deals with the relationship between man and nature on different planes. While the progress of humanity gained momentum throughout the History of Civilization, the common sense it showed towards nature decreased inversely.

The "superior power" of man has been emphasized in the works written and illustrated from the Prehistoric Period to the present, and characters with half-human half-animal bodies are depicted in pagan religions and mythological stories.  “Precious Piece”, “Memory”, The contradiction that the artist deals with in his “Night” works is the fact that different societies and civilizations have been trying to establish hegemony over the animal-specific qualities for centuries, despite admiring them. The “Kiss of Judas” and “Muleta” representing the bullfight symbolize the overwhelming superiority of human intelligence and power over animals, and the “Isolation”, which is the reflection of the zoo, symbolizes the subordination and control of animals to humans.

The "Fetus", which has not yet been contaminated by human hands, represents the birth and the death as a result of the intervention, the "Eternal".

In his works, which are mostly made of tiles and use relief, sculpture, and fabric print, the artist imposes the pain experienced on people with a sense of empathy and wants the viewer to face it by establishing a bond. 

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