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Burcu Perçin ( 1979, Ankara ) draws attention to social and environmental topics in her works, from abandoned warehouses to marble quarries, she emphasizes that it is not only nature that is lost but that it is also the future of humans that is lost. Perçin, who creates her visual narrative through a unique aesthetic language, ponders upon unemployment and poverty brought by globalization in industrial settings and shines a light on areas which people are more lonesome. One of her main brush topics is the artificial landscape created by humans, she brings together the old and new forms of man-made construction in nature in her works. Reminding us that past cultures and lives will bring light to our future, by blending the matters of our day with history and nature in her works. While integrating antique sculptures with nature, she uses abstract and real denotations together. Perçin opens up a new window to her artistic practice in her thoughts on nature through these works. The artist also expresses herself through sculpting and photography disciplines alongside painting. Her photo-collages, oil on photography, relief works composed of natural stones and sculptures that refer to antiquity show a strong parallel connection with her paintings.


2002  Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Bachelor

Solo Exhibitions

2022  “Ascent to New”, Merkur Gallery, İstanbul

2017  “Fill the Plant”, x-ist, İstanbul

2014  “Mountains Have No Owners”, art ON, Istanbul

2012  “Mural Domination”, art ON Istanbul

2012  “Hidden”, Galeri Nev, Ankara

2010  “The Lost Space”, Gallery Nev, Ankara

2010  “No Where”, Operation Room, Istanbul

2009  “Foto-Kolaj”, C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul

2008  “Function”, C.A.M Gallery, Istanbul

2006  Pi Artworks, Istanbul

2005  Pi Artworks, Istanbul


Group Exhibitions

2023 ‘’Respect For Existence’’,  Merkur, İstanbul

2020 ‘’At The End of the Day’’,  Odun Pazarı Modern Museum, Eskişehir, Turkey

2020 ‘’Crystal Dhateau’’, Museum Evliyagil, Ankara, Turkey

2019 ‘’Vuslat’’, Odun Pazarı Modern Museum, Eskişehir, Turkey

2019 ‘’Meeting At The Same Scene’’, Artweeks Akaretler, İstanbul, Turkey

2018  “Decomposition On Hold’’ , Artfactory, İstanbul

2017  “Urban Obscura”, Siyah Beyaz Gallery, Ankara

2017  “The Hunt”, Müze Evliyagil, Ankara

2016  “Anakara’’ Müze Evliyagil, Ankara

2015-2018 ‘’Artists in Their Time’’, İstanbul Modern, İstanbul, Turkey

2012  “+Infinity”, Gallery Nev, Ankara

2012  “Encounters: Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea”, Seoul

2011  “ If Nature is Heaven, the City is Hell”, Cer Modern, Ankara

2010  “+Infinity”, Cer Modern, Ankara

2009  “In search of Lost Reality”, Gallery Nev, Ankara

2008  “Istanbul Art Affairs”, C.A.M Gallery-Gallery Hübner, Frankfurt

2007  “Sisyphos”, C.A.M Gallery, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

2007  “Istanbul Now”, Lukasfeichtner Gallery, Vienna

2006  “Natur-mort”, Galerist, Istanbul

2006  “DeforNation”, Pi Artworks, Istanbul

2005  “Young Evolution”, Pera Museum, Istanbul

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